Will My Kids Stay In The Church?
March 06, 2019

Will My Kids Stay In The Church?


What Will Church Be Like For My Kids?

By Pastor Danny Drummond

Yesterday I had a crazy thought, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. For a little back story, I have twin girls that are almost 17 years old, and as it pertains to the churches we have attended, I am the only worship pastor they have ever known. I mean that’s crazy. Now to be fair, the early years were spent in the nursery and then children’s church, but for the last 4-5 years, they have sat in the congregation week in and week out, as I stand on stage and lead worship. It’s a sobering thought, but the one that keeps me up at night is, “where will they go to church when they become adults, and more importantly, will they even go to church?”

For all of us that have had the privilege to pastor and pastor our own kids, this is a haunting question. Are we failures if our kids decide church isn’t for them. Have we sacrificed our kids on the altar of ministry if they “walk away?” The answer should be a resounding, No. I think we we all take on this daunting question. The truth is, what we SHOULD want, is for our kids to wrestle with their faith. To decide on their own how they will live the rest of their lives.The truth is, my daughters have probably already decided what path (in regards to faith) they will take. They have already formed an opinion about the church.

A long time ago, their mother and I decided we would be honest with them about everything. This included church, ministry-good bad and ugly. This didn’t happen over night, but as they became inquisitive about certain things, we told the truth. We didn’t sugar coat it. Which is why I’m convinced, that at nearly 17 years old, they have “made up their mind.”

To be honest, I’m ok with that. If my honesty about the challenges of ministry have an adverse effect, at least I can say, that they knew the truth-as ugly as it may be at times.

Pastor Danny Drummond

Danny serves as the Worship Arts Pastor at Sonrise Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Danny and his wife Becky have twin high school age daughters. When he is not at the church or with his family, you can find Danny catching up with friends or out on the golf course.



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