Why Do Students Have To Come To Us?
January 17, 2019

Why Do Students Have To Come To Us?


Meeting students in their rhythms of life.

By Nicole Grice

This is one of two in a two part post. We asked Nicole to share about her nontraditional approaches to being present in the lives of the students she is discipling.

Let’s face the facts as much as we want there to be 8 days in the week there is only 7. We have to fit youth group, youth activities, and relationships building both spiritual and relational with these kids all while fighting the sports, band, arts, extra circular and studies of course. I don’t know about you but that is almost impossible!! So why cant we just fit US in THEIR schedule!! I know we think that this is hard but at times its really not

High school kids like to hang out, drink coffee, eat anything, go to movies, and have fun at something like Top Golf, bowling, or something like that. Instead of making these events fun once a quarter big youth group events break the group down into smaller groups. This is where the Trio format comes in!!! Welcome and meet the kids where they are AT!!!!

For example know the sports game dates and where it might end up being Lakota East and Lakota West or any big rival game. You are going to have a lot of students attending that game, so meet them there so they can see you in the real world outside of the church. Then expand on that and get your students together before or after that at someplace for food or something fun afterwards where there is no hidden agenda or anything. Meet them where they are at to better build the relationship. In this time talk about life and about faith. If you look its kind of how Jesus worked he meet people where they were and broke bread with them.

This is just groups of people that are willing to get together and become small groups (which they won’t look at is as small groups they just look at it like hanging out with their friends) they will trust each other outside of the wall of the church which let’s face it I think is so important for our kids to see faith in life not just in the building of the church!

I think is simple faith; but it could be more complex small groups. Meeting kids where they are at might just reach our youth in more ways than we think. Letting them know that it is ok that we talk about God outside of the church at Panera, Orange Leaf, and heaven forbid Dewey’s pizza or BW3 is just so crazy!! Again let’s face it I could easily be wrong with this but I think meeting kids for food or coffee or something simple they are already doing. So meet them their bring the church to them

Meet kids where they already are know the school schedules and when they have days off when certain big games are and when they just might get out of school early to know if a simple hey lets all get a cup of coffee or a small ice cream can start a deeper faith journey.

Nicole Grice

Nicole serves as the Director of Youth at Mason United Methodist Church. She engages and connects with junior and senior high youth, their families, and the volunteer team. She is also very active at Mason High School and their sports programs.



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