Why do I do Middle School Ministry?
March 30, 2020

Why do I do Middle School Ministry?


Middle Schoolers: The Underdogs

By Cody Scroggins

Think of a time where you watched a movie where the underdogs won. It’s a rewarding thing right? What about Monsters University? Where the unlikely of friends win the Scare Games. Being a sports fanatic, I can think of plenty of moments where comebacks took place and the place went wild. We all love a good underdog story. I believe Middle School Ministry is the underdog story that no one expects, but will we enjoy the story once we see it?

Just this week I saw a youth pastor tweet “I’m about to go on a facetime with 8th grade girls, say a prayer for me.” Now, if you know anything about 8th girls, you know that they do enjoy talking a lot. A lot. Do I see what this youth pastor was saying? Sure. But you know who else sees it, everybody else! We are helping support a culture that says middle schoolers are too distracting, too talkative, too smelly, not deep enough, to understand who Jesus is. I disagree.

So why do I do Middle School Ministry? I want to be able to give middle school students their voice that God has designed for them to have. Let’s not forget, in Luke 2, Jesus was 12 years old at the temple courts talking with teachers and all others who were there were amazed. Why don’t we let our middle schoolers amaze us? And why aren’t we giving them the tools and resources to be world changers at age 12 not 42?

Currently, our building is closed due to COVID-19. If it was open each Sunday I would have a group of students arriving 2 hours early to help set up the gym for their own middle school service. They would be helping serve in our kids ministry. They would be stepping up in countless ways being leaders of our church. They are leaders unlike anything I have ever seen.

With being in a new role recently, someone asked is this a stepping stone ministry for me? Not at all. You see, not many people are loving on middle schoolers. Pastors instead would like to say you will get there when you are older, God gives you wisdom with maturity, there’s no place for you here yet. I choose to love on the underdogs because everyone loves a good underdog story. Will you?

Cody Scroggins

*cue Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

INTRODUCING YOUR STARTING LINE UP . . . . Just kidding. My name is Cody Scroggins and I’m 22 years old. I’ve been a youth pastor in Mason, Ohio for over 4 years. Currently, I work alongside another youth pastor serving 5th - 12th graders. If I’m not hanging with leaders or students, I love to play disc golf, watch FC Cincinnati, go to UK Basketball games, hunting, fishing, or traveling. If you want to get a hold of me, email me at cody.scroggins@ourchristschurch.com.



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