Beginning Something New? (Part 2)
October 05, 2020

Beginning Something New? (Part 2)


Leading Through Change (Starting or Resurrecting)

By Brad Aycock

Check out the first five traits here: Are You Beginning Something New? (Part 1)

Cherished experiences (see part 1) helped shape me and inform much of my ministry today, having implemented some of these strategies into the local church and now the larger church as the director of new church development for West Ohio. Here are the rest of my top ten life-lessons that have helped me lead.

  1. Delegate. Look people in the eyes and see something in them that they cannot see in themselves. Give people more credit than they deserve and they might just start believing in themselves. Everyone needs encouragement. Oftentimes we don’t like to give authority or too much praise away because of our own insecurities, i.e. “if I delegate, they might not need me.” Or “If I give too much credit, it might make them look better than me, more valuable than me,” etc. Leaders who replace themselves are irreplaceable. It’s hard to stay out of our own way sometimes. Micro-managing can be a manifestation of insecurities and a lack of trust. And we are living in and into a moment that cannot be controlled.
  2. Build beyond yourself. In every decision you make about the work you are part of, think about how this could set the next person up to take it to the next level (or to struggle). Your role is temporary so make the most of the time you’ve been given. Steward your leadership for God’s kingdom, not for your own. Be confident, not insecure.
  3. Celebrate Often. Life and work are often about gaining and sustaining momentum. Look for the small victories and celebrate often. Nehemiah 8:10 says “the joy of the Lord is your strength!” We will all need strength to get through the guaranteed challenges ahead. And we can’t have strength without joy. Celebrating any and all victories brings us joy. Party on.
  4. Be a hope-filled leader. This is who we are as Jesus followers. Hope is gritty. Hope is strategic. Hope is working now for future change. Hope is cultivated in the soil of gratitude. Hope flourishes when it’s lived in the present tense. Hope is contagious when it’s shared. Negativity can be seductive and not one of the nine fruits of the Spirit. Don’t take the bait.

These are nine leadership traits that I’ve learned about over my life of leading and following. I hope you find them helpful in your life and ministry. Be encouraged. You are doing important work.

Brad Aycock

Brad grew up in the Bootheel of Missouri. Upon completion of his Biology degree, he started an agriculture business with his brother. Brad later started a marketing business which he and his wife owned for thirteen years prior to selling it to enter seminary and vocational ministry. Brad has been a part of serving established churches and new churches since entering into ministry. In 2015, Brad, Ann, and their sons Ryan and Daniel left their lifelong home and comfort level to move to Ohio so Brad could serve as the Director of New Church Development where he continues to serve with joy (and hope).



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