awakening: ORV 2020 SUMMER
May 27, 2020

awakening: ORV 2020 SUMMER


UPDATE: We shifted this idea from a private event to a public resource. Find out more here!

"Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?" - Psalm 85:6

What is awakening: ORV 2020 Summer?

In short, this is a Virtual Camp experience especially developed for students facing the cancellation of so many camps, mission trips, days of service, retreats, and the list could go on and on...

We hope you can "come" and by your presence you connect with other students, with adult leaders, help children in the Cincinnati area have educational support, and most importantly you experience an awakening allowing you to deepen your relationship with God.

Who is invited to participate in awakening: ORV 2020 Summer?

All students who are in middle school and high school.


  • do I have to attend or be part of a UMC in the Ohio River Valley District?

    • No, anyone on the journey to know God and others is welcome.
  • I just graduated high school, can I still come?

    • Of course we want you there! Come share this experience and let it prepare you for what you have next!
  • I just graduated 5th grade and am ready to head into 6th grade, can I come?

    • Unfortunately no, this is an experience designed for those who have a year or more of middle school or high school under their belt. We hope to get to know you next school year at Ohio River Valley District happenings!

When is awakening: ORV 2020 Summer?

Sunday, July, 19th - Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

awakening: ORV 2020 Summer will kick off in the evening of Sunday, July 19th and run through the evening of Thursday, July 23rd. Monday through Thursday there will be something short to catch in the morning on your schedule, a lunch session with your small group, and evening session.

Where is awakening: ORV 2020 Summer?

awakening: ORV 2020 Summer will take a hybrid approach of YouTube morning devotionals (also viewable on Colocate Ministry Consulting's Twitter and Facebook page). The lunch and evening sessions will take place on Zoom (invitations will be emailed and only be available to those who registered).

If you are coming as a church and want to experience these together in person (face to face) that is wonderful as well. We just ask that you let us know so we can organize things accordingly.

Can I do awakening: ORV 2020 Summer in conjunction with a week of local mission work?

If you are looking to replace a week long mission trip this could be used in conjunction with a local week of mission work in your community.

Sample Schedule:


  • awakening: Evening Kick Off - Worship/Small Group Discussion

Monday - Thursday:

  • awakening: Morning - Video Devotion
  • Your Group: Local Mission Work
  • awakening: Lunch Time - Midday Small Group Challenges
  • Your Group: Local Mission Work
  • awakening: Evening - Worship/Small Group Discussion

How much is awakening: ORV 2020 Summer?

$15 Per Person*

100% of fees received will go to helping students in lower socioeconomic communities around Cincinnati to aid in bridging the summer gap so these students can start next school year off on the right foot!

*If the cost is an issue just let us know in the registration process and we will see if/how we can cover your cost!

When do I need to register by for awakening: ORV 2020 Summer?

Registration deadline is midnight on July 3rd, 2020.

Can I register as an individual or as a group for awakening: ORV 2020 Summer?

Yes, yes you matter how you want to ask the question you can get registered.

  • Register as an individual by clicking the link below.
  • Register as a group by clicking the link below. However, if you are registering a group you will want to download the following form and fill it out so you can upload it during registration: Group Registration Form.



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