Are You Essential?
April 20, 2020

Are You Essential?


Depending On You

By Devin Dummel

You never forget the heartbreak of watching that first kid walk away from their faith. It piles up; the worry and anxiety of realizing a student dropped out of your ministry and also out of your influence. It’s easy to tell yourself the story that everything depends on you; at least that’s the story I told myself during my first few years in Student Ministry. It’s a compelling story, but is it true? Are you essential?

We like to think we are. It’s emotional job security. At times that narrative can be the carrot at the end of the stick. There’s no question that there are considerable benefits to having Pastors and leaders dedicated and focused on leading students. But does God NEED us? If we weren’t, there would everything fall apart? Does the salvation or spiritual maturity of every student you serve hang in the balance of your hands?

When we think about it in those terms, the answer, at least for me, is pretty clear. God does not NEED me. I am not essential by the strictest definition of the word. He is perfectly capable of reaching hearts and changing the lives of young people without my intervention. But here’s where God flips the switch. He doesn’t NEED me, but He wants and chooses to partner with me. More precisely, God lets me ride along and help Him in His effort to redeem this world one person at a time.

Are you essential? No. And that’s the good news! Everything does not depend on you. It all depends on God. It’s all about what He has done and what He continues to do. So, breathe deep; the pressure is off. But remember He’s saving you a front-row seat, and He wants you to get in the game. You should get up each day and give it everything you’ve got. Bring all your gifts and skills to the table, because while this world may not NEED you, it sure is way better off because of you.

Everyone needs someone to help guide them and walk with them as they forge their own faith. Today just might be the day that God chooses you to be the one for someone else. God can absolutely do it without you, but life is so much better because He wants to share everything with you.

Devin Dummel

Devin is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University and has been working as a Pastor in the local church for over 17 years. Devin has a passion for the Bible and a huge heart for people. He and his family live near Indianapolis, Indiana. Find out more about him or what he is writing and creating on his website:



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